Introduction of lecture that related distributed server design

Oct 6, 2014

To configure a distributed server environment to handle large traffic, you should consider a lot of things than you thought.

Team leader John Kim has lectured for the distributed server implementation in domestic conferences and seminars. Let’s introduce some his lecture including the video.

1. Technology of distributed environment implementation using the open source

232 deview2013 oss를활용한분산아키텍처구현 from NAVER D2

This is the lecture presented in DEVIEW 2013, can be found via link. (Only Korean) It deals with the basic content of the various methods of large-capacity traffic dispersion method that leverages the open source.

2. Development practices of distributed chat server using the Socket.IO

This is the lecture presented in Microsoft Melting Pot Seminar, The information on in node.js utilized in XPUSH development. (Only Korean) Looking at the node.js applications of global service references, share the cases of build distributed server for handling high traffic and what we look to see how to take into account.

Besides that, we have a variety of activities, so that we will share as case, which was announced on related topics occurs.

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